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At BAWANI AL JAZIRA, your smart choice,  working in harmonious, efficient manner under a single project managment.

know us

We specialize in combining Construction and Fitout

services, all managed under the same roof for a unified

and efficient experience for our clients.

At BAWANI AL JAZIRA, we seek leadership in providing innovative services in Saudi Arabia. 


Our mission is to strive for success and progress within our respective fields.

BAWANI AL-JAZIRA is dedicated to excellence and are determined to never accept mediocrity.

We are passionate about our work and will work hard to ensure that our efforts exceed expectations.


Being a leading construction and fitout business, focusing on delivering quality and innovative services to our customers.We value the relationships we create with our customers, partners, and employees, and are dedicated to being a dependable and respected brand in our sector. We endeavor to foster a collaborative atmosphere with respect for all, while delivering the finest service to our clients. We are continually striving to refine our strategies and strategies to stay ahead of our industry.


Our partnership includes procurement from UAE, People's Republic of China, and Turkey that is proportional to what agrees with Saudi Arabia standards as part of the collaboration, creativity and commitment that we share. We work together to identify opportunities for cost optimization and improved performance, and to source efficient and reliable UAE, Chinese, and Turkish precursors that meet Saudi Arabia's quality and innovation standards. Procurement from China, Dubai and Turkey is an integral part of our collaborative approach, and we use it to create value for our customers and help them get projects done. With our partnership, we have the potential to provide great value to both parties, and we look forward to continuing to build on our success for years to come.

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